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Alice in Wonderland – Underground Adventure

Last Saturday night we had ourselves a little treat. We had the privilege of a small group for Alice Underground – an interactive production that takes place in London’s old underground.

Before we headed that way, They took us on a wild train rid to Koppaberg Urban Forest in Hackney Wick to dine. It was a hub of life, good music and good food. Unfortunately, the rain hit us there, and we spent most of our afternoon under the tent.

Once the skies cleared, we skipped off to Alice Underground.

Down the Rabbit Hole

We met up with a few family friends at the quaint venue. We were seated as we waited for the show to begin. In my mind, it was a theatre production, so I was confused when all who were here for the 8 pm showing were called to queue.

At the start of the journey, we were ushered down a passageway. We all crept along the gnarled route to reach a room that looked like a study which had been hit by a hurricane. Photos dangled from the roof, red thread spun along the walls, a typewriter surrounded by a flurry of papers stood on the desk, chairs were upturned, and there was a strange looking glass…

A shape appeared in the mirror, fading into view like an object in mist. It was a beautiful girl with a set of blonde locks boasting a blue dress. She looked like something out the Supernatural series. The image jumped a bit like a stuck record.

“Hello. My name is, my name is… Oh dear, I seem to have forgot. I have an important message – message,” a haunting voice echoed in the room.

“Oh no! I must be careful – be careful. It’s frightfully dangerous you know….” her voice faded again.

Everyone was looking about perplexed and curious.

“Come a little closer, ” she beckoned. The audience leaned towards the mirror. “Come closer so I can give you the message…”

Having seen enough Horror films, I did not abide. Suddenly the visage jumped to a skull and the girl stuttered as she spasmed between alive and dead.

Bang! A loud clap slashed through the silence followed immediately by screaming. The bookshelf in the corner had snapped open to reveal a secret passageway. We edged nearer and fell into single file, careful to avoid stepping on the books that had been flung to the floor.

And so our journey began.

And then the madness ensued! Credit: Les Enfantes Terrible.

Shortly after this, we were separated by selected the “Eat Me” or “Drink Me” option the rabbit presented to us, and we all embarked on separate yet equally wonderful adventures.

As Mad as a Hatter

I witnessed some splendid performances, like the turtle who sang the most beautiful and sad lament in a dark room. He sat on an island, draped with a piano, a guitar and a microphone. The small room seemed haunted with sorrow as he began to sing. As the dim light brightened slightly we saw the inky water at the man’s feet. To add to the atmosphere, it started to rain towards the end of the song.

It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever heard.

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party was indeed bonkers!

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was indeed bonkers in Alice Underground!

We all met up again towards the end for the tea party with Mad Hatter and the March Hare which was exquisite and delightfully entertaining and absurd and absolutely nonsensical! The evening ended at the neon painted bar with a few interesting drinks, chats and crazy antics.

By soninkec, July 4, 2017


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