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Sitting at Truth Coffee for my Weekly Therapy

Baristas are sort of like the modern day bartenders – that is – therapists to the common man. In films you always see that one guy sitting in the corner, sipping his whisky and confiding in the disgruntled barman. He wails about his marital problems or work issues while the bartender nods absent-mindedly while wiping down the counter. The baristas at Truth Coffee, Cape Town, provide my weekly therapy.

Truth feels like family. Every time I walk in I am greeted by a broad smile belonging to Jeff, the doorman. I meander through the throng of people to the bar, where the familiar baristas greet me.

I still remember my first Truth experience. I was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, and completely new to Cape Town. On my first week living in the city, I wandered towards Truth Coffee Works.

Since my first visit, these guys have made me feel at home. Innocent and Groove have been part of the team from the beginning and took me under their wing. I took a tall seat at the bar and eagerly await my cappuccino from the Best Coffee Shop in the World.  The machine clunked to life, awakening like a mechanical hybrid from Beauty and the Beast. Innocent disappears behind a puff of steam. The dark mechanical magic twists and turns in your stomach.

After a few more knobs are turned and cogs are rotated, a petite white cup decorated with a swan sits in front of me.

I marvel at the intricacies of the artwork. It was so delicate. Out of ignorance, I ask for the sugar. Two sugars in my cappuccino were my normal dose of poison.

A decadent Cafe Mocha at Truth Coffee

A decadent Cafe Mocha at Truth Coffee

“No, try it without sugar first,” my barista prompted. I trusted him. The dark scent of coffee wafted to my nose. I let the warm liquid slip down my throat as my tongue appreciated the smooth texture.

I was hooked.

Now, every time I return it feels like I’m coming home. I waltz in through the door and make my way to my designated seat at the bar. I catch Jeff’s smile as I enter and greet Sunny with a fist pound when I reach my spot. Groove is always there to entertain and mix up some interesting coffee cocktail for me.

Truth is not just about the culinary or coffee experience. It is more than the edgy steampunk decor and the swing music. For me, it’s about the people and the smiles on their faces as they craft their masterpiece. It’s the jests and laughs shared between staff, their friendly faces and ability to really connect with the customers. I have found refuge in this coffee shop when life has had its down’s and celebrated the great times.

For me, Truth is about the coffee and the company.


By Soninke Combrinck, February 26, 2017
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Soninke Combrinck

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