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Pancakes and Castles at Graskop

Today was road trip day. After two successful trips into Kruger National Park, my uncle decided to show us the other treasures hidden in this part of Mpumalanga. We were to drive east towards Graskop, a little tourist town. Then northeast towards the edge of the world, to peer through God’s Window. Once there, we would return to pass through Graskop and loop west towards Pilgrim’s Rest.

Graskop was once a mining town, now it is a small forestry town with blue gum and pine tree plantations growing thick on all sides. This town is central to a few wonders in this little world, including Gods’ Window, Blyde River Canyon, Bourkes Luck and the Mac Mac waterfall.

One of the many roadside vendors in Graskop.

One of the many roadside vendors in Graskop.

A Pancake Pitstop in Graskop

Pancakes are a must when passing through the little town of Graskop, Mpumalanga. This old mining town has become famous for them. As you drive down the main road (R532) through the town, you will see pancake place after pancake place plotted alongside you.

We passed through Graskop at first, but on our way back to Pilgrim’s Rest we made our stop. Harrie’ Pancakes was the selection of the day.

The inspiring interior of Harrie's Pancakes, Graskop.

The inspiring interior of Harrie’s Pancakes, Graskop.


Sipping my warm red cappuccino at Harrie's Pancakes.

Sipping my warm red cappuccino at Harrie’s Pancakes.

We each placed our pancake order. I kept it simple, sticking to cinnamon sugar. I was still recovering from my dance with the flu. My dad went all out, as per usual, and got a side of cream and ice cream. Needless to say, I had a few bites of that too. The pancakes were deliciously thick, without being too dense. And one pancake was actually sufficient enough for a meal!

My lovely red cappuccino dripping with honey.

My lovely red cappuccino dripping with honey.

Now, don't those pancakes look good?

Now, don’t those pancakes look good?

Sneaking a Peek at Flycatcher Castle

Now, the first time we passed through Graskop we caught sight of its magnificence. Actually, my mom did.

“Stop. Stop! Take a look at the castle!”

We all looked left. Sure enough, on the edge of the town, overlooking a gentle valley and the distant horizon, was a typical European looking fortress. It stood on the corner, wowing us with its stoic posture. It looked positively out of place in this little pancake town.

Our first sighting of the Flycatcher Castle in Graskop.

Our first sighting of the Flycatcher Castle in Graskop.

After our adventure at God’s Window, we looped back and decided to go exploring. The Flycatcher Castle was in such an odd location. The little kid in me came out to play. We ventured closer to the castle. It was astounding in its stature and its beauty. It would look right at home in a fairytale. I could imagine stories of a princess, or of a lord obsessed with his greyhounds.

A quick peek through the Flycatcher Castle gates into the castle grounds.

A quick peek through the Flycatcher Castle gates into the castle grounds.

After this adventure it was onwards, and upwards, through the plantations to get to Pilgrim’s Rest.

By Soninke Combrinck, June 17, 2017

Soninke Combrinck

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